Blizzard has announced a new WOTLK Classic expansion and game mode--Madness at the Darkmoon Faire and WOTLK Gold Duels, respectively--but another big change is coming to the game alongside both of those: a completely revamped progression system. The new rewards system follows a model familiar from other free-to-play games with battle passes. Players will earn rewards along a progression track, with an additional tier of rewards available by purchasing a seasonal Tavern Pass.

Once the new reward system is implemented, players will complete the standard Daily Quests along with new Weekly Quests, and earn new Achievements for completing in-game accomplishments. Future expansions and big updates will add new Achievements to the pool.

Finally, both the new expansion and new mode will come roughly alongside the totally revamped progression system. This is the second large update to some of WOTLK Classic 's legacy systems in the last several months, starting with the reworked Ranked structure. This time, Blizzard wanted to tackle how players earn and unlock rewards, which had slowly become difficult to track.

"Within WOTLK Classic, we actually give out quite a lot of rewards and we don't get a lot of credit to that with the community," Lee explained. "Honestly, rightly so, because it's pretty hidden and really quite fractured."

It's also a problem that may turn off new players. Experienced WOTLK Classic veterans know how to check in frequently for Daily Quests, how to earn gold through wins, how to earn your free weekly pack with a Tavern Brawl, and so on. But new players may not understand all those reward paths, and even experienced players could forget or be unable to cheap WOW WOTLK Classic Gold check in during a limited-time event. Perhaps more importantly, not every mode would contribute to quests equally, which leaves some modes feeling less valuable than others.