The postseason, even though it's hot at the moment, only four teams will stay following this weekend. That means many other teams are planning for the next season. The coaching carousel should continue to rotate around and round however, just like it did during the Madden 24 coins  season it's going at a fast pace.

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Josh Brent has retired from the Madden NFL 24 to concentrate on his personal issues off the field the Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman announced on Thursday. He's had numerous run-ins with the law, and is currently awaiting trial on charges of drunken manslaughter, after allegedly causing the death of the fellow Cowboys teammate Jerry Brown.

"This is the right choice for me, and one which I've given a lot of thought to," Brent said. "I'm at a point in my life where my main goal is making sure that my priorities are in order. Priorities that are more important to me over football."

KD Drummond of Blogging with the Boys feels that this was the right choice for Brent as it's going to allow him to clear his mind. The decision should also resolve a couple of other problems which were surfacing when Brent continued to play as he dealt with buy mut coins madden 24 issues off the field, according to Drummond.